Care Programs


We are dedicated to providing our residents with a rewarding lifestyle.

Each resident is evaluated then given a customized care plan based on their medical and social needs.

This holistic approach involves fresh food and daily community activities to promote a more active lifestyle.

We also provide a full range of outstanding amenities.

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Extended Care


Specializing in Memory and Geriatric care, each resident is set into a consistant daily routine. Care plans are customizable so that each family or resident can be in control. They have the freedom from picking their preferred resident aid, to the time of their shower.

Medication is managed through Caresuite's QuickMAR hosted by Long-term Care Pharmacy, Gayco Healthcare. This system reduces packaging error and administration by going through a multi check system of computers, cameras, and pharmacists. The medication is then delivered weekly to our facility by Mission Critical's licensed drivers.

Our trained Proxy Caregivers are certified by a Registered Nurse or Pharmacist for each resident's specific care plan. Each caregiver has a skills checklist completed annually on tasks like oxygen management, diabetic needs, incontinence care, ostomy sites, and many other skills.


Memory Care

Geriatric Support

Medication Management

Oxygen Management

Incontinence Support

Diabetes Support

Shower & Grooming Assist


Clinical Partnerships


As a licensed Personal Care Home, we facilitate many third party clinicians. These optional services include weekly visits from our Physician Assistant and monthly appointments with a Podiatrist.

We also allow Home Health companies of the family or residents choosing to provide skilled nursing services such as PT, OT, Speech Therapy, Wound Care and Psych Nursing. If appropriate we allow our residents to age in place with the help of palliative and hospice care for added comfort during his or her transition. 


Weekly Physicians Assistant Visits

Monthly Podiatrist Visits

Home Health (PT, OT, Speech Therapy, Wound Care, Psych Nursing)

Palliative/ Hospice Care